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Safer Community Program

There are so many great non-for-profits working hard to make the world a better place. We want to help a tiny bit when it comes to their backflow preventer needs.Metro Vancouver Backflow has a program to help non-for-profit organizations and stay compliant. Use Metro Vancouver Backflow to get your annual backflow testing in compliance with municipal requirements and your water protected from contamination.Please contact us if you are a verified non-for-profit organization and ask for the safer community program.

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Julie Hopkins, Immunity

"We used Metro Vancouver Backflow for one of our location and I couldn't recommend a more reliable and professional company to take care of your backflow needs. I am happy to have found a company I can count on long term, one of the best in the business!"

Kyle Barclay, Tim Hortons

Annual Inspection


Additional charges such as Truck Charge ($30) and Municipality Filing Fees (varies) apply.

Installation & Repair


Additional charges such as Truck Charge ($30) and Municipality Filing & Permit Fees (varies) apply.

What is a backflow preventer?

A mechanical device that prevents possible contamination of potable water from a potentially contaminated source.

Who mandates testing?

Either your water provider or the health department has surveyed of your property and determined there is a possibility of contamination.

Why does it have to be tested?

Testing and certification is required at least annually to ensure proper function and ensure the safety of potable water.

What is a CCN (Customer Confirmation Number)?

The CCN is a customer confirmation number assigned to each customer/property.

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